Capabilities and Business Assessment Summary

With over 72 years of combined experience in the global Pharma, CRO, BioTech, Medical Device and Diagnostics industries, RxCel Partners has the intrinsic knowledge and experience to execute, support and/or coordinate efforts in the following areas:

  • Corporate and business strategy assessments and due diligence
  • Service/product delivery efficiency and productivity review
  • Management and leadership search services
  • Competitive differentiation and expansion
  • Start-up and turn-around businesses
  • Chapter 11, restructuring and emergence
  • Recommendations for optimizing performance, profitability and accelerating growth
  • Management team capability assessment
  • Strategic portfolio investment assessment and prioritization
  • M&A:
    • Acquisition target identification, qualification and assessment
    • Merger strategy development and implementation
    • Post-merger integration

Throughout our respective careers, we have worked with multiple large global and small companies as well as Board of Directors and investors. Our approach for any project is targeted towards a primary goal of being able to identify high-level and key factors that are inhibiting growth and profitability of the company as well as key areas/opportunities that exist for business operation and strategic growth while improving operational efficiency. We follow a step-wise approach in our work, starting with a high-level assessment followed by conducting in depth investigations of companies or investment opportunities. The systematic approach that we take is aligned with the following proven methodology.

An example of our approach towards a high-level review of the "Assessment" phase of the process is shown below. For more information on each step, click below:

For more information on the process steps click below:

Our Operational Continuum

+ Documentation Review

First Priority
  • Current Business Plan

    • CEO perspective of current challenges and threats to achieving current FY budget
    • CEO perspective of strategy going forward
  • Financials three previous years and budget for the current FY

    • Current FY revenue projection plan
  • Top 10 clients/customers by business segment last three years and current FY

    • Annual recognized revenue from each, or percentage distribution

Second Priority
  • Organizational charts
  • Bios of the top three levels of management and other key employees
  • Marketing and competitive differentiation message
  • Document describing sales process and staff
  • Description of Important Partnerships
  • Pricing methodology
  • Description of any planned cost drivers for current FY and impact
  • Annualized staff turnover by dept for past two years (voluntary vs. Involuntary)
  • Any recent Client or Regulatory Body audits

+ On–Site Research

One-on-One Meeting
  • All senior management
  • Current strategy and comments
  • Critical issues facing company
  • What needs to change quickly
  • What would be on the 100 day to do list
Organizational Assessment
  • Review of Corporation and Individual Goals and Objectives
  • Review of HR systems
  • Leadership team assessment
  • Depth of expertise
  • Knowledge, capability and capacity gaps
  • Performance appraisal and incentives
  • Communication channels
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Use of consultants
Business Development, Sales & Marketing
  • Sales focus by business line
  • Structure and BD Exec assignment
  • Sales Support Processes
  • BD Exec incentive plan and individual goals/expectations
  • Marketing strategy and competitive differentiation
  • Commercial Metrics and Customer satisfaction measures
  • Strategic partnerships, alliances and relationships
  • Opportunities for Differentiation
  • CRM assessment
  • Overview
  • How to accelerate growth and profitability
  • Identification of any major Capital/Investment requirements
  • Utilization metrics and systems
  • Operational systems/Technology assessment
  • Robustness, back-up/redundancy/business continuity
  • Key vendors and relationships
  • Costs, leases, optimization, personnel, regulatory observations